Smart Analytics

Smart Analytics

The primary objective of deploying an IoT Smart city solution is to gather real time & useful data and to be able to easily analyse and share this to drive effective outcomes and tangible benefits.

Our solution is designed specifically with this objective in mind. We place huge importance on ensuring the data is available, secure, easy to access and that it can be integrated into industry standard platforms and the customer’s existing / legacy database and application software environments.

R- Com IoT sensors deployed around the city will generate significant real time data regarding Footfall, Vehicle & cycle activity, cyclist, passenger numbers and air quality levels.

Our standard offering delivers this data in industry standard MQTT format to our own, remotely hosted, Mongo DB database and Amazon based cloud server .

Within this environment we are able to provide a dashboard tool enabling simple presentation of the data and a range of standard reports.

Reports can be adapted by the user to cut and present the data in the most useful and appropriate way.

Alternatively the MQTT data can simply be directed to an alternative Cloud server provisioned by you, the customer, or your chosen software & services partner.  This could be your own in house server or a third party hosted solution such as MS Azure / IBM (IOT Watson Platform)

The industry standard format also allows API integration with other databases and applications so that the data can be used and shared widely and effectively among stakeholders.

Drive decision making thorough accurate and current data.

Collect :

  • Pedestrian footfall
  • Cycling activity
  • Traffic flow & frequency
  • Passenger Bus Data / GPS
  • Passenger Trains & Tram Data / GPS
  • Occupancy / Queuing 
  • WI-FI tracking
  • NO, NO2 /03  /CO / C02           
  • PM2.5  / PM10      
  • Vehicle Emissions  

 Analyse, understand & Share

  • Easy to use analysis tools
  • Dash board reporting
  • Integrate with existing systems & data bases
  • Generate reports
  • Gather historical data.

Drive outcomes :

  • Proof of concept
  • Project verification
  • Business case justification
  • SMART City Initiatives
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reporting & measurement
  • Billing
  • Calibration