Products & Services

Products & Services

R-Com IoT provides a range of sophisticated products & services which can be integrated and combined to address multiple, Smart City, data capture requirements.

Our in-house designed & UK manufactured VT range of IoT sensors, use sophisticated algorithms to facilitate highly accurate, 24/7 People, Vehicle, Cycle & Public Transport Passenger counting.

Our fully automated Air Quality sensors ensure City Air Quality standards are met and pollution reduced.

These sophisticated monitoring & data collection devices collect real time data and transmit this in industry standard MQTT format to a central, cloud based database server.

The data can then be easily shared and analysed using easy to format dashboard reporting tools.

This valuable & highly accurate data can be used to aid decision making, validate initiatives identify relevant causes & effects and drive outcomes.

We offer a wide range of IoT consultancy services to back up our solutions which includes :

Pre sales advice & project planning

Proof of concept / testing

Solution design

Implementation, set up and calibration

Support & system maintenance.

The products are robust, secure and highly scalable from single units deployment to citywide roll out.

R-Com IoT  products can be deployed to address specific requirements or combined to deliver a complete SMART City framework and tailored to address key SMART City  objectives and challenges such as:

Urban Transportation and Citizen mobility

Clean air zone and Air Quality management

Retail & high street regeneration through increased footfall

Occupancy & Social Distancing management of  commercial property, buildings and public spaces