R-Com IoT are an end to end solutions provider. Not only do we manufacture IoT devices and technology, but we offer full consultancy, installation, management, network and reporting solutions, ensuring that our service meets the desired IoT goals of your organisation.

Pre Sales Consultation & Solution design

We understand that the layout and environment of every requirement is unique and that you may be simply looking for ideas and advice to help shape your SMART city IoT strategy. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team will talk through your objectives, offer ideas and explain how our technologies will fit your needs.  

Following an initial consultation we will recommend the solutions and technologies we think are appropriate and highlight the benefits these will deliver in a simple, clear and .business like format.

Installation and Set up (Hardware and Software Setup)

We believe that a high-quality installation is vital to the continued operation and accuracy of a system. Our installers are able to work with your own teams and partners to manage each installation and  ensure all hardware &  software setup has been installed & calibrated correctly ..

Technical Support

Where required our support team will work with you to ensure that the device is running properly and running as accurately as possible. We believe that the proper monitoring of the counting system is vital to the life span of the device. We will alert you whenever a device is disconnected from the server, or when we detect any system malfunctions ,  counting accuracy or calibration issues

Verification and Validation

We believe in the quality and efficiency of our sensors. Once installed, our technicians will optimise each unit and perform a manual audit to ensure accuracy is above 95%. Through this process, you can rest assured knowing that the data you receive is genuine, accurate and that you can facilitate the decision-making process with confidence.

Maintenance Agreement

We provide on going technical support and full maintenance support for our complete hardware and software solutions.